We have many people to thank over the years!  

We wish to thank Sherrie Deal (Nightwind Danes) for allowing us to own Hayley who was one of our first "show" dogs.  Sherrie has been a wonderful mentor and friend to us, from handling our dogs in the beginning, to teaching us all about showing, breeding and being a responsible owner, and being a wonderful friend when we needed a shoulder to cry on..We will never forget the wonderful start Sherrie gave us by believing in us and trusting us with her kids.

We would like to thank Dave and Deanna Matson (Cascade Danes) also for our wonderful girl "Jordan" Ch Cascades Quest for Windwood ,she was a dream come true!, and to Karen and Dave Lozenski (Larchwood Danes) for our "first show dog "Oliver" (Larchwoods Oliver Twist). 

We also wish to thank Joe and Tootie Longo (Longo Danes) for trusting us enough to let us breed to Louis (BISS CH Longos Endless Gossip) and for allowing us to get Kaitlyn from them.  Our Hayley/Louis breeding was the one that got us started and it was a wonderful breeding. It gave us our Lucas .  Kaitlyn has been a joy to own, she is silly, happy all the time, and a true "Scooby Doo".  

We also wish to thank John and Renee Tiepelman (K-D Danes) for allowing us to own our Kendall. Renee has been a wonderful mentor and is always there for us no matter what we need, a friend to talk to , a shoulder to cry on , or just a fun chat. Kendall is a sweet girl with a wonderful temperament. Loves people and loves to just "hang out" around the house.

A BIG thank you to you all that have used our "Lucas" to breed to your lovely bitches and produced some wonderful kids . Carolyn Faeth (Red), Kristine Travis - (Janus Danes) - (Phoebe & Seven), Sara Dingman Dellorto (Sardi Danes) & Lourdes Webster (Kade)
Your kids from your beautiful bitches and my Lucas are the "apple of our eyes"!

We wish to thank all of "our puppy " people for the wonderful loving forever homes you have given to our kids. Thanks for keeping in touch all the time with  us and sending us all the wonderful pictures of the kids as they grow.  Without seeing all your joy, none of this would mean anything to us. 

Thank you sincerely to all our handlers of the past and present. Sherrie Deal (Oliver & Hayley) Dr. Jose Ribo (Hayley & Kaitlyn), Barbara Waldkirch(Hayley & Kaitlyn), Corinne Witt(Hayley & Kaitlyn), Jessie Gerzsewski (Kaitlyn & Lucas), Jeff Brucker(Kaitlyn), Lisa Miller(Fletcher & Kaitlyn & Halo),  Laura Lynn Cooms (Fletcher & Kaitlyn) Carissa DeMilta(Fletcher & Kaitlyn), and Adrian Passoni (Fletcher & Kaitlyn). You all are super and we appreciate your wonderful presentation of our kids!!!!
Lots of photos of our kids are to the credit of Sandy Revard of Mini Equine Photography of Catlett, VA.  Sandy does and awesome job and is always ready to capture that perfect picture for you! Thanks a million Sandy for all you do!

We also must thank Jennifer Suddarth, many of the wonderful photos on our site were taken by Jennifer, and to Renee and Anthony Koch who also own 2 of our puppies, Hope and Vegas. They have taken many of the great shots on our site. And a huge thank you to Kristine Travis of Janus Great Danes for her wonderful photos!
We must also thank our wonderful vets who are always there for us, our regular vet Dr. Chip Byrd of Blue Ridge Animal Hospital and our re-pro vet Dr. Valeria Rickard of North Oatlands Animal Hopsital.
And ....last but not least, we wish to thank all our dear friends and ring side supporters ( you all know who you are  :)  ) for being there for us thru the good times and the bad and supporting us no matter what. Your friendship means the world to us!!
A VERY SPECIAL Thank you to Teri Tevlin of Spice Hill Afghans and Michael Liss of Paladin Afghans for allowing us 
to love and own  Soleil  and JerryLee a breed (Afghans) we have admired for many years. 
All photographs and graphics are the copyrite material of Windwood Danes. , DO NOT reproduce with out the written permission of Windwood Danes.


With all this said , we need to say a very "Special" Thank you to all our wonderful mentors and very dear friends who have been so helpful over the years, teaching us and helping us, you are the rocks that keep us going.!!

Sherrie Deal ~ Nightwind Danes
Renee Tiepelman ~ K-D Danes
Tootie Longo ~ Longo Danes
Carolyn Faeth ~ Faethful Danes & Bulldogs
Deanna Matson ~ Cascade Danes
Teri Tevlin ~ Spice Hill Afghans
Michael Liss ~ Paladin Afghans