~~Candid shots of all the kids~~
Jordan looking in the mirror. Her favorite thing to do !
Jordan in her new scarf

Happy 10th Birthday Jordan

Hope with an ice cream face.

"06" Dog Christmas

Lucas and his  human mom

"07" Xmas Fletcher waiting for stocking goodies

"07" Halos First Xmas
Fletcher and Kendall waiting for stocking goodies  "07" Xmas
Halo Sporting her NEW hat!
Halo at the ice cream parlor
Hayley dressed for her Halloween Parade
Zoie playing with a "huge" ball
Kendall playing with her best bud Harry
Fletcher learning his new trick
Halo with her favorite Jolly ball
Lenny Swimming!!
Lenny & Vegas playing tug
Vegas loving toys
Lenny in his favorite spot
Oliver with his saddle on for a Halloween Parade
Oliver with his sunglasses on
Madison napping
Kaitlyn and Kendall playing tug 
Jordan in her Championship party hat.
Hope in her Santa hat

Hayley with her new scarf.
Ace enjoying the first bite of his Birthday cake

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Leo with his Pirate Hat !!
 Silly Leo !!  
Lenny and Vegas "Where's                  the horse"?
Hope just chillin
Stella eating her ice cream
Sampson drinking from the kitchen sink.
Silly Otis jumping  :) 
Lucas and Kaitlyn "Yummy"
Mojo on his comfy bed!.
Mojo "Look at my fluffy toy!
Hayley enjoying her Xmas presents and making a big mess!
Oliver  "Who is gonna clean up this mess"?
Leo playing in the sprinkler
Leo trying to catch raindrops
Leo in his "Hot Chili Peppers Hat" eating his ice cream
Hope & Vegas "Look big sissy, I can do it too"!
Baby Fletcher and Daddy Lucas playing tug
Vegas & Lenny "Catch me if you can"!
Otis, my, this wind is strong!
Chair or Couch, .... doesn't matter to me!
09' Happy New Year 
Hope and Mommy Renee
09' Happy New Year 
Vegas and his friend
"Vegas"  Man, all this News Years Partying is hard work!!
Hope enjoying a "cool" night on the beach
Hope and Mommy Renee on the beach

Vegas and Hope