CH. Nightwind Eagles Halo  "Hayley"
About Us
We have owned Great Danes since 1980 and are located in Culpeper, VA. 

Our Kennel name  "Windwood" came about from our first two Show danes, Larch(wood)'s Oliver Twist and  Ch. Night(wind) Eagles Halo, thus the "Windwood" name was formed.

We began actively showing in AKC Conformation shows in 1995. We are members of the Great Dane Club of America (GDCA) and the Great Dane Club of Metropolitan Washington. (GDCMW).  "Hayley" (pictured above) was one of our first show dogs that got us started in conformation showing. We have met many wonderful people over the years that have the same interest as we do, "our dogs". Our Blacks do NOT carry for blue, they are from Black, Fawn and Brindle lines. Several are double gene black.
Our Danes live inside our home with us as part of our family first and foremost, then showdogs "if" they enjoy it.  We do not breed a lot, only when we are ready to have a companion/showdog to carry on with.  If we do breed, we health test both parents before they are bred, we test for OFA Hips, OFA Cardiac Heart Echo's, Thyroid, Eye Cerf, Elbows and Patella's.  When any of our dogs go to their new homes, they will go on very strict contracts to insure their health and welfare and that they never end up in rescue.  For the safety of our babies we will NOT ship puppies, they must be picked up at our home.  We also must meet and get to know the new owners of our babies before our kids leave our home.

Great Danes are a wonderful breed, fun, silly, happy, devoted, affectionate , playful, and we could not imagine life without them. They have brought  us many years of joy and happiness.
We have now began our life with Afghan Hounds also, they are such a wonderful happy breed!

All photographs and graphics are the copyrite material of Windwood Danes. , DO NOT reproduce with out the written permission of Windwood Danes.


Sheri and Randy Goncher