These Danes are no longer with us in body , but will always be in our hearts.                                       ~ Till we meet again.~
If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven ,                                                 and bring you home again. 
When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.
"Oliver (Ollie)"  Larchwoods Oliver Twist
By CH. Nightwinds Time Traveler(Travis)  x  Larchwooods Shes the One(Sarah)

Oliver was a loving soul with a sweet temperament and our first show dog. He went to the Rainbow Bridge in Dec. 01' due to Bone Cancer at age 6 1/2.
Oliver showing in Fishersville, VA
Baby OIlie at 3 months.
Ollie  practicing to stack
Oliver at 3 Years Old

Oliver at 6 Years Old

Oliver with his sun glasses on
Oliver with his saddle on for the Halloween Parade
 Oliver was a fun guy, very silly and so happy to be dressed up however we wanted. He taught us a lot about loving Great Danes and gave us unconditional love in return. Oliver will always be treasured and loved and missed~~~
"Cortez (Tez Man)" Windwoods Time Explorer
By Larchwoods Oliver Twist (Oliver)  x  Nightwinds The Best of Time (Liz)
Cortez at 13 months old
Baby Tez at 3 months old
Cortez was a silly goofy boy,  he bloated at a show at 13 months of age, had surgery and recovered fine, but did not like showing after that so he stayed home watching squirrels out the window. He went to the Rainbow Bridge in Oct 02' due to seizures at the age of 5. Till we meet again Tez Man, we love you.
Tez Man head shot.
Tez watching for Daddy to come home. 
Cortez watching the squirrels.
"Angus"  Windwoods Black Eagle of Nightwind 
By Nightwind Eagle Talon Longago (Talon) x Nightwind Eagles I Can Dance (Cha-Cha)

Baby Angus at 5 months old.
Baby Angus at 4 months old.
Angus at a puppy match 
Angus napping on the couch with me
Angus was a beautiful boy...he bloated at 14 months old and went to the Rainbow Bridge in April, 99'. He left us way too young. Its never easy when they go no matter what their age , but his loss left a huge hole in our hearts. He never had a chance to grow up ..... We miss him too!
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We will always "LOVE and MISS" you all , Love Mom and Dad