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We have a very exciting future ahead..........some exciting breeding plans are in the future
Our puppies are very important to us. We will NOT ship puppies, all puppies go on our contracts only. Our puppies will not be sold to breeding homes, if you would like to breed later after a championship is achieved and after all health testing is done, we will consider that but we will not sell to someone wanting to breed, we have worked very hard on this pedigree as has our mentors also and we must protect it.  We will not allow our dogs to be used for multiple breeding purposes, fighting dogs, and will NOT sell to brokers or pet stores. All homes will be verified with reference checks and a home visit. If you are searching for a puppy for any thing other than a loving companion, then do NOT inquire with us.
A Very "Special" breeding is in the mirror of our future. This breeding will bring the most special dogs of my pedigree out and some nice dogs in other parts of my new pedigree.  The breeding will be in about a year and a half from now if all goes as planned. It will be between our "Fletcher" Am/Int'l/Nat'l CH Windwood Halos Legacy Begins, AOM x 2 and our "Haley" K'N Island Windwoods Pieces of Heaven.  Haley will be completely health tested once she turns two years old. The breeding will go forward even if she has not finished her Championship yet because you just dont know from one day to the next.  She can always go back out and finish her Championship after babies if she needs to. Fletcher is passed on now ( he lived over 10 years) but I have one last frozen breeding on him that we will use. He was never the flavor of the month dog for breeding but that is fine with me, I know who and what he was and all his wonderful accomplishments finishing his AKC Championship at 19 months old., then going on to complete an International and National Championship and received 2 Award of Merits at AKC shows at the age of 7 and 9.  A super sound wonderful moving dog with a happy attitude and just loved people. Dark tight eyes good topline, croup, head, and kept showing till he was 9 1/2 yrs old he loved it so. Haley is beautiful, has a wonderful temperament and loves all people and is very solid good moving dane. It will be a black to black breeding. I have no idea what they will produce, both have black parents but both carry for brindle,  and depending on what they produce and how many, I may keep a couple and any that are sold will go on STRICT co-ownerships. I "wont lose" sight of Fletcher and Haleys children. This will probably be the last breeding I will do but it is one of the utmost importance to me.