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 Am./Int'l/Nat'l CH Windwood Halos Legacy Begins , AOM "Fletcher" 
Longos Sassy Lady v Windwood "Kaitlyn"
These puppies born on April 4, 08  made us very proud with 2 Beautiful boys, 1 Black and 1 Fawn
Their names are:
Windwood Halos Bet It All On Black, CGC, TDI  "Vegas"
UKC CH. Windwood Halos Legacy N Gold, CGC  "Lenny" AKC Pointed
Lenny is now looking for his majors to finish!! 
1 Day Old
~ Lenny Pictures ~
~ Vegas Pictures ~
4 Weeks Old
4 Weeks Old
5 Weeks Old
5 Weeks Old
6 Weeks Old
6 Weeks Old
7 Weeks Old
7 Weeks Old
8 Weeks Old
8 Weeks Old
5 Weeks Old
4 Weeks Old
11 Weeks Old
11 Weeks Old
5 Weeks Old
7 Weeks Old
7 Weeks Old
~ Left to Right ~
Fletcher, Lenny, Vegas, Kaitlyn
Lenny Swimming
Lenny & Vegas playing tug
Lenny in his favorite spot
Fletcher and his son Vegas
Fletcher and his son Lenny
Lenny 7 Weeks
Vegas 7 Weeks
Lenny 5 Months Old
Lenny 5 Months Old
10/10/08 Catonsville KC Westfriendship, MD
Lenny goes Reserve Winners Dog his very first time in the ring!!!!!
Lenny 6 Months Old
~ Lenny's Show Stats ~
10/10/08 Catonsville KC  RWD
10/30/08 Middle Peninsula KC  RWD
10/31/08 Middle Peninsula KC  RWD
12/13/08  Tidewater KC WD   1 Point
3/19/09  Alamance KC  RWD  
5/22/09   Hampton, VA   1 Point
5/25/09  Hampton, VA  1 Point
6/5/09  Skyline KC RWD
6/20/09  Virginia KC  1 Point
6/21/09  Virginia KC  1 Point
6/26/09 So. MD KC  RWD
10/29/09 Middle Peninsula  RWD
5/31/10 Gloucester KC  RWD
7/8/10  Catoctin KC  RWD
9/2/10  Cary KC  1 Point
9/3/10  Alamance KC RWD
9/6/10 Raleigh KC RWD
11/4/10 Tidewater KC  RWD
11/5/10 Tidewater KC  RWD
 12/13/08   Tidewater KC  Judge Kay Watts
Lenny goes WD for his first point from the 6-9 Puppy Class. 
Vegas 9 Months Old
Vegas 9 Months Old
Vegas kissing his mom
Vegas is a "BIG" Boy now!

"Vegas" @  9 Months
Lenny @ 10 Months Old
5/28/09 ~ Today Vegas earned his Therapy Dog Title. We are SUPER proud of him & Mommy Renee!!!
5/23/09  Langley KC Judge Charles Olvis
WD  1 Point
5/25/09  Gloucester KC  Judge Daniel Fleitas
WD/BW  1 Point
Virginia KC 6/21/09 Judge Surley Rawlings 
WD     1 Point
6/20/09 Virginia KC WD/BW  1 Point
9/2/10  Cary KC Judge Kathleen Steen  WD/BOS  1 Point
11/6/10 Va. Beach KC WD/BOW/BOS 1 Pt. 
11/7/10 Va. Beach KC WD/BOW/BOS 1 Pt.
11/29/10  National Capital KC  WD  1Pt.         
Lenny is looking for his final majors to finish!
Lenny has been owner handled from the start, we are very proud of Lenny and Mommy Kathy.
Mommy Kathy & Lenny in the ring
Lenny face profile
Lenny side profile
11/6/10 Va. Beach KC Judge Mrs. Tomas Gomez
              WD/BW/BOS  1 Point
11/7/10 Va. Beach KC Judge Jim Briley  WD/BW/BOS   1 Point

11/29/10 National Capital KC Judge Rick Gschwender   WD   1 Point

Vegas and his human brother Jackson